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My name is Filippo and I would love to share with You my precious experience with Pranic Healing, Arhatic Yoga and Arhatic Yoga Retreats.. Thanks to the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui I became a better person. I use to be very impractical, I had financial problems, I also was drug addicted … I […]

Filippo Francesco Bianca
Associate Pranic Healer, Mantra Yoga Facilitator, Singer
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There are two main issues that has made Pranic Healing so dear to my heart. The first issue is the way it looks at the world, and the tools and techniques it provides for everyone to be able to see the world like that. This new perspective is something phenomenal; something that opens up complicated […]

Ali Goodarzi
Architect by profession and Pranic Healer at PranaWorld.Net from Tehran Iran.
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I found Arhatic Yoga more than just a spiritual workshop. Often I used to get confused by opinions & approaches to spirituality even understanding the books on spirituality & evolutions seemed to be difficult & sometimes conflicting. I suppose I had a wrong perception of spirituality & even I tried some meditations but I could […]

Hengameh Fazeli
Architect by profession & the co-founder of PranaWorld.net Hengameh Fazeli turned into Pranic Healing in pursuit of love, happiness & spiritual transformation & later became a Pranic Healing instructor to share this valuable knowledge with others.
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To experience love and the magic of the Meditation on Twin Hearts, is a gift you give yourself. As the love grows in your life, deep contentment follows and that is the most wonderful blessing.

Mekhla Muttoo
Mekhla Muttoo has been practicing Pranic Healing for over a decade and is currently an active member of the Trust Board for the Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation of South Mumbai.
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