Australian Arhatic Yoga Retreat Giveaway

June 28, 2019 | Highlights,Magazine

  Dear Arhatic Yogis, you stand a chance to win a free seat worth 854 AUD at the Arhatic Yoga Retreat in Melbourne, Australia in October 2019.⠀ The retreat will be facilitated by Master Stephen Co and Master Hector Ramos.⠀ ⠀ To be eligible for a ticket, do the following:⠀ 1. Register at⠀ 2. […]

Mahasamadhi 2019

Video Links: English | Portuguese | Spanish | French | Italian     Note that the streaming  link of the video will be available on the 19th  of March 2019 – 0800 (GMT+8) until the 24th of March 2019– 1700 (GMT+8).   THE PURPOSE OF YOGA AND HOW TO ACHIEVE IT     When the […]

Christmas,The Season of Love and Happiness

by Institute for Inner Studies

Video Links: English | Portuguese | Spanish | French | Italian   Note that the streaming  link of the video will be available on the 20th  of December 2018 – 0800 (GMT+8) until the 2nd of January 2019– 1700 (GMT+8).   CHRISTMAS, THE SEASON OF LOVE AND HAPPINESS Christmas is the season when we recall […]

GMCKS Senior Arhatic Yoga Retreat

by Institute for Inner Studies, Inc.

To the GMCKS Senior Arhatic Yoga disciples who shared the Teacher’s pearls of wisdom, their own valuable insights and experiences, to the senior Arhatic students from Africa, North and South America, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Emirates, Greece, India, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, Mauritius, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Philippines, Suriname, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Uruguay […]

Blessing Mother Earth with Meditation on Twin Hearts

by Institute for Inner Studies, Inc.
September 20, 2017 | Essential Reads,Highlights,Magazine

In light of the recent events all over the world —from the latest earthquake in Mexico to the hurricanes that passed within the central America, portions of the USA, and other parts of the world— let us all do the Meditation on Twin Hearts. Together, let us bless the whole world with healing, with divine […]

10th GPH Convention Finale Video

Atma Namaste. We were so glad and so thankful to all of you who came from 60 different countries, to Manila, and as one family, joyfully celebrated four landmark events: the Mahasamadhi of the Teacher, the Wesak Festival, the 10th Global Pranic Healing Convention, coinciding with the 30th Anniversary of the Institute for Inner Studies […]

Only Balanced Relationships Are Good Relationships

by Sibylle Mundwiler
September 28, 2016 | Highlights,Magazine

The concept of win-win is well known in the world of business. But have you ever thought of what are the energy drivers behind this concept and on how these drivers influence a good relationship, no matter if this relationship is the one to your parents, your siblings, your friends or your partner? What makes […]

Being In A Healthy Relationship

by Lorenz Arquero

Meditation is being at home with yourself! When was the last time that you trusted someone and you were betrayed; that you tried to care and received nothing in return; or that you tried to reach out and you were rejected? That was possibly the time when you were emotionally devastated. Your self-esteem was so […]

Failed Relationship? Spiritually, There Is No Such Thing

by Deborah Quibell

Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. Rumi There are tender places in the heart—scars, regrets, insecurities, doubts, and questions—that have somehow compiled over our many years of love and relatedness. However, in our spiritual development, our wounds […]

You Are A Being Of Divine Love | You Are Made To Love And Be Loved

by Kaanan Shah

Love is absence of judgment… Dalai Lama In its truest form, Divine Love is unconditional love. It is something which is read, and talked about a lot, but is mostly expressed with greatest ease by children. They just are, and accept everything around them, good or bad, totally without any reservations. Children do not come […]