Carlos Costa Presentation 10th GPH Convention

The Evolution of Pranic Crystal Healing
by Institute for Inner Studies, Inc.
July 14, 2017 | Articles,Magazine

Crystals as tools for healing has been one the greatest techniques that Master Choa Kok Sui has developed and taught to us. And, today’s featured presentation, as presented by Carlos Costa, reveals the further development and refinement of these crystals that indeed made our healing cases successful and efficient. From simple, clear crystals to colored […]

Dr. Jason Calva Presentation

Pranic Acupuncture
by Institute for Inner Studies, Inc.

For today’s featured presentation, Dr. Jason Calva, PhD shares his research and findings for his doctoral dissertation on the integration of some of the main principles of traditional Chinese Acupuncture with the primary techniques of Master Choa Kok Sui’s Pranic Healing. The combination of both modalities enhances each other, producing an enhanced healing practice that […]

Sriram Rajagopal Presentation

Sound and its Esoteric Significance
by Institute for Inner Studies, Inc.

This day’s featured presentation was given by Sriram Rajagopal. He joined the Pranic Healing community in February 1993 while he was still a university student. Upon completion of his studies in Physics and Computer Science, Sriram was appointed by Master Choa Kok Sui as a trustee and the General Manager of the World Pranic Healing […]

Master Hermie Presentation

On Keeping Purity of Pranic Healing
by Institute for Inner Studies, Inc.

For today’s featured presentation, Master Hermie discusses ways on how we, as students and potential channels of Master Choa’s teachings, can preserve their purity while being essential instruments in his great vision of having heaven here on earth. Master Hermie Corcuera is one of Master Choa Kok Sui’s trusted senior disciple. She is the Training […]

Neha Jain Presentation

Establishing Pranic Healing Centers
by Institute for Inner Studies, Inc.

This day’s presentation was given by Neha Jain, a licensed instructor and healer, from India. She has been teaching since 2007 and has been instrumental in actively spreading Pranic Healing in Kolkata and Ranchi, India. In her presentation, Neha gives an amazing view and opportunity on how to balance spirituality with materialism … on how […]

Hengameh Fazeli Presentation

Pranic Feng Shui
by Institute for Inner Studies, Inc.
June 19, 2017 | Articles,Magazine

For this day’s featured presentation, we see a dedicated student of Master Choa Kok Sui incorporate his works, particularly that of Pranic Feng Shui, in her own work and studies. An architect by profession, Hengameh Fazeli turned into Pranic Healing in search for love, happiness, and spiritual transformation. To continue to spread the wonderful works […]

Master Danny Presentation

The Power of the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi
by Institute for Inner Studies, Inc.
June 16, 2017 | Articles,Magazine

The recent convention, through the presentations given by various speakers from all over the world, proved to us that the application of Pranic Healing and the other works and teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui is not limited to just one aspect of our lives but is indeed applicable to each and any facet of […]

Atma Namaste. We were so glad and so thankful to all of you who came from 60 different countries, to Manila, and as one family, joyfully celebrated four landmark events: the Mahasamadhi of the Teacher, the Wesak Festival, the 10th Global Pranic Healing Convention, coinciding with the 30th Anniversary of the Institute for Inner Studies […]

30th Anniversary of Pranic Healing

May 6, 2017 | Articles,Magazine

The Institute for Inner Studies, Incorporated, the guardian of the priceless spiritual teachings of the Master, is celebrating its 30th Anniversary. Each student who has passed its courses have gone on to contribute to their healing and that of others in their own way. The teacher continues to radiate Light through each of his students. […]

Personal Experience: Does Pranic Healing Work?

by Sibylle Mundwiler

For more than ten years Pranic Healing is an integral part of my life as well as my family life. If we have health issues, usually Pranic Healing is the one method used to have faster healing. The issues which happened just within the last two weeks have shown me again, how efficient Pranic Healing […]