Treatment of Insomnia By Pranic Healing A Case Study

October 21, 2021 | Magazine,Scientific Papers

Abstract:Insomnia is a sleep disorder where people have trouble sleeping. This case pertains to a working, married female, aged 27 years with insomnia, complaining of irritability, low energy, daytime sleepiness and depressed mood. Pranic Healing (PH) is a natural healing technique that uses prana to treat illness. It is a non-touch, drugless, complementary therapy that […]

Enhancement Of Quality Of Life Through Pranic Healing Among Working Women Employees

June 29, 2021 | Magazine,Scientific Papers

Abstract: Pranic healing (PH) is an ancient technique, utilizing Prana or life energy for healing. The present study investigates the effect of PH on Quality of Life of women employees working in a garment factory. An experimental design was used in this study. 65 employees with a mean age of 30.1 years were divided into […]

Effectiveness of Superbrain Yoga on Short-Term Memory,Visuospatial Ability and Academic Performance of Students

May 31, 2021 | Magazine,Scientific Papers

Abstract: Superbrain Yoga (SBY) is a simple squatting technique that uses subtle energy to improve cognitive functioning of individuals. It is based on the principle of ear acupuncture, and subtle energy movement in the body. Aim The present study aims to study the effectiveness of SBY on the short-term memory, visuo-spatial ability and academic performance […]

The Effectiveness of Superbrain Yoga on Concentration, Memory,and Confidence in School Students

May 11, 2021 | Magazine,Scientific Papers

Abstract: Superbrain Yoga (SBY) is based on the principle of ear acupuncture and subtle energy movement in the body. SBY enhances the qualitative and quantitative pranic energy in the brain. The present study aims to improve the concentration, memory, and confidence of students by practicing SBY. The study consists of 1,945 school students from Mysore […]

Pranic Healing for Partially Blind A Case Study

March 2, 2021 | Magazine,Scientific Papers

Abstract:Objectives: Fourteen year-old boy was diagnosed with visual impairment in his right eye since birth. Other symptoms included blurred vision, dry eyes, and headache. Pranic Healing (PH) as a complementary therapy to heal eye ailments was applied on the subject..PH is an ancient science and art of healing people. It is considered as a natural, […]

Influence of Pranic Agriculture on Germination, Flowering and Yield of European Cucumber

January 14, 2021 | Magazine,Scientific Papers

Abstract:Pranic agriculture is a traditional science in which pranic healing is applied to plants to enhance plant growth. This study aimed to recognize the usefulness of pranic healing in improving the external morphology and yield of European cucumber against the control. Physical parameters like germination of seeds, days to flowering, number of flowers per plant, […]

Enhancement of Seed Germination, Fruit Set and Yield of Pole Beans

December 17, 2020 | Magazine,Scientific Papers

Abstract Pranic agriculture is an emerging science in which pranic healing techniques are applied during the developmental stages of plants to enhance their growth. The present study aimed to understand the effectiveness of pranic treatment in improving the physical qualities of pole beans against non pranic treated pole beans referred to as control groups. Physical […]

Psychological Wellbeing By Awareness of Air Prana and The Aura Surrounding a Tree Among Participants from Different Age Group

November 17, 2020 | Magazine,Scientific Papers

Abstract: Background: Prana is the essential energy which keeps the body alive and in healthy conditions. Kirlian photography provides information regarding prana or subtle energy field. A common man cannot view this subtle energy body without proper training.  Aim: The present study seeks to understand the impact of viewing air prana along with the aura surrounding a […]

Mitigation of Perceived Stress and Enhancement of Quality of Life Among Female Adolescents using Meditation on Twin Hearts

October 30, 2020 | Magazine,Scientific Papers

Abstract: Background: Stress among adolescents is one among top health concerns in the world. To de-stress a 20 minutes guided Meditation on Twin Hearts (MTH) is introduced for female adolescents and its effects are being studied. Aim: The present study aimed to understand the efficacy of MTH on perceived stress and QOL among female adolescents. […]


October 8, 2020 | Magazine,Scientific Papers

Abstract: Prana is an essential for survival of all beings. With proper training, a common man can view this prana, the subtle energy body. It is also referred to as ‘Chi’ or ‘Ki.’ The present study seeks to understand the perceptions and experiences of viewing air Prana among participants. Exploratory research design was used. 178 […]