Pranic Healing is not Just Another Form of Energy Healing

by Sibylle Mundwiler
September 28, 2016 | Magazine,Scientific Papers

When it comes to the main topic in our life we refer to issues such as health, happiness, private and business life, success, relationships, joy and inner peace. What ever the answer will be, life is all about the exchange of energy. Energy affects every part of your life, from your relationships to your physical […]

Does Pranic Healing Work?

by Hengameh Fazeli

Coming from its name, Pranic Healing is a therapy in which the practitioner uses energy or life force to balance the bodily functions and thereby improve health. Its influence is not confined to improving physical health, but includes many aspects of life including relationships, finances and self-actualization. Pranic Healing as a science has been developed […]

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

by Karen Horton

EVERYTHING! And… did you know that you actually have two love or heart centers? Let me explain through this simple story … Recently, I was driving home from the downtown area and a huge storm began. The downpour of rain appeared like a blanket covering the windshield. Very quickly, road visibility became zero. We could […]

Moderation & Non Excessiveness – The Key to Mastery!

by Master Choa Kok Sui
December 14, 2015 | Magazine,Scientific Papers

Moderation & Non Excessiveness – The Key to Mastery! Talking with Arhatic Yoga practitioners, Moderation is probably the virtue that is neglected the most as its benefits or inability to practice it, is not as noticeable as the other virtues at the first sight. However looking at life closely, we may notice that lack of […]

World Vegetarian Day 2015

by Institute for Inner Studies Inc.
October 1, 2015 | Magazine,Scientific Papers

The development of a more refined energy body can be hastened by being a vegetarian and by doing regular meditation. Master Choa Kok Sui It’s the 1st of October, and today, we join the world in celebrating the World Vegetarian Day! Savor life to its fullest and have a healthier lifestyle while enjoying these benefits […]

MCKS Rejuvenation Weekend

by Institute for Inner Studies Inc.
September 14, 2015 | Magazine,Scientific Papers

Join us this coming November for a week dedicated to health and beauty through the MCKS Rejuvenating Weekend. Learn and review the concepts and techniques behind the use of crystals as a tool in facilitating healing through the review of the Pranic Crystal Healing course. Get acquainted with the application of Pranic Healing in cellular […]