Founder’s Day Celebration 2018

by Institute for Inner Studies, Inc.

Celebrate Founder’s Day with us. Appreciate and value the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui as he discuss the importance of the Role of the Teacher and Proper Attitude Towards the Teacher. Note that the preview of the video will be available on the 15th – 0630 (GMT+8) until the 19th of August 2018 – […]

Wesak Festival 2018

Devotion to God and Reverence to the Spiritual Teacher
by Institute for Inner Studies, Inc.

Wesak Festival – A Technique of Spiritual Contact The Wesak Festival is celebrated annually during the full moon of Taurus, the culmination of all the other full moons of the year. This is a universal spiritual festival intended to unify spiritual groups in their task of radiating divine blessings of light, love and peace. Its […]

GMCKS Senior Arhatic Yoga Retreat

by Institute for Inner Studies, Inc.

To the GMCKS Senior Arhatic Yoga disciples who shared the Teacher’s pearls of wisdom, their own valuable insights and experiences, to the senior Arhatic students from Africa, North and South America, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Emirates, Greece, India, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, Mauritius, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Philippines, Suriname, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Uruguay […]

Master Hermie Presentation

On Keeping Purity of Pranic Healing
by Institute for Inner Studies, Inc.

For today’s featured presentation, Master Hermie discusses ways on how we, as students and potential channels of Master Choa’s teachings, can preserve their purity while being essential instruments in his great vision of having heaven here on earth. Master Hermie Corcuera is one of Master Choa Kok Sui’s trusted senior disciple. She is the Training […]

Atma Namaste. We were so glad and so thankful to all of you who came from 60 different countries, to Manila, and as one family, joyfully celebrated four landmark events: the Mahasamadhi of the Teacher, the Wesak Festival, the 10th Global Pranic Healing Convention, coinciding with the 30th Anniversary of the Institute for Inner Studies […]

You Are A Being Of Divine Love | You Are Made To Love And Be Loved

by Kaanan Shah

Love is absence of judgment… Dalai Lama In its truest form, Divine Love is unconditional love. It is something which is read, and talked about a lot, but is mostly expressed with greatest ease by children. They just are, and accept everything around them, good or bad, totally without any reservations. Children do not come […]

Soul Is Immortal: Living The Teachings Of Master Choa Kok Sui Under Testing Times

by Prakash Balgopal

The Birthright of All Humans. On the 4th of October 2014 I was informed that my ailing mother’s soul had left her physical body at 9:20 pm India time. It was expected, and I had been praying that my mother be emancipated from her pain sorrow and suffering. I immediately made arrangements for my wife […]

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

by Karen Horton

EVERYTHING! And… did you know that you actually have two love or heart centers? Let me explain through this simple story … Recently, I was driving home from the downtown area and a huge storm began. The downpour of rain appeared like a blanket covering the windshield. Very quickly, road visibility became zero. We could […]

How The Heart Chakra Can Be A Key To Prosperity?!

by Hengameh Fazeli

The key is in your heart. In order to reveal the connection of the Heart chakra to prosperity, let’s first talk about chakras! Coming from a Sanskrit word meaning wheel, chakras are whirling energy centers that play vital roles in proper functioning of our physical body. They also affect the way we interact with others, […]

What is Love Anyway?

by Mekhla Muttoo

Where there is Love, there will be stillness and peace. As life takes us down many paths, many of us wonder about the essence of love. Our ideas on love evolve through the years – from the awkward teenage years, to relationships, from parenthood and so on. Many subscribe to the notion that we need […]