Advanced Pranic Healing is designed for those who want to take their healing skills to the next level using the color Pranas (energies). It is a breakthrough in the field of alternative medicine.

White energy can be divided into 7 colors, each having certain properties and effects. In Advanced Pranic Healing you will learn how to use these color Pranas effectively for rapid recovery since color Pranas create a more focused effect on the energy body. In this course, the chakras are discussed more comprehensively, allowing for healers to better understand different diseases and how they affect people. The highlight of Advanced Pranic Healing is the introduction of color pranas along with their individual functions and how to use them individually or in combination to heal more complicated illnesses in a rapid manner. Pranic healers old and new alike will greatly benefit from the information contained inside.

Any practitioner of alternative medicine may find this course very useful. It has pointers on how to refine your energy in order to heal better and how to do self-pranic healing to reduce stress, as well as preventative healing, which can be used to prevent the onset of illness and equips a person with the tools he or she needs to be a better pranic healer.