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Every August, we come together to celebrate the birth of our revered teacher. It is a month of joy and abundance to have the good fortune of celebrating and remembering our great mentor, Master Choa Kok Sui—our teacher who redefined spirituality, lightened our souls, and influenced the minds of thousands worldwide with his teachings and practices.

He taught us to grow, love, share, and see the world from different perspectives and to remember, practice, and manifest the greatness of our souls.

His wisdom and teachings continue to guide and nurture us. And for all these blessings we have received, it is now our responsibility to keep on evolving, to inspire and improve the world to be a better place for all, and to constantly give recognition, respect, and gratitude to our beloved teacher with our minds, hearts, and actions.

As we celebrate Founder’s Day this 2023, join us on the 15th of August (9 AM | GMT+8) for a special video presentation and group meditation as Master Choa Kok Sui goes deeper into the significance of “Blessings: Obstacles and Effects.”

Altogether, let us express our appreciation for the legacy he has given us through his wisdom and teachings, and affirm our commitment to preserving, supporting, and spreading his works and practices in every way possible.