In light of the recent events all over the world —from the latest earthquake in Mexico to the hurricanes that passed within the central America, portions of the USA, and other parts of the world— let us all do the Meditation on Twin Hearts. Together, let us bless the whole world with healing, with divine guidance and protection, with courage, strength, and hope. May we all stand as one as we move forward from all these ordeals.

Blessing the earth with loving-kindness can be done by a group as a form of world service. When it is done for this purpose, bless the earth with loving-kindness through the heart chakra first, then the crown chakra and finally through both chakras. Release the excess energy after the end of the meditation. The blessing can be directed not only to the entire earth but also to a specific nation or a group of nations. The potency of the blessing increases many times when it is done as a group rather than individually. Another way of blessing the earth with loving-kindness as a group is through daily radio broadcast at an appropriate time, with some or most of the listeners participating.

When done regularly, Meditation on Twin Hearts will give you better physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Just as pranic healing can “miraculously” cure simple and severe ailments, the Meditation on Twin Hearts, when practiced by a large number of people, can also miraculously heal the entire earth, thereby making the earth more harmonious and peaceful. This message is directed to readers with sufficient maturity and the will to do good.

“Taken from pages 124-125 of Master Choa Kok Sui’s Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul”