Pranic healing (PH) is an ancient technique, utilizing Prana or life energy for healing. The present study investigates the effect of PH on Quality of Life of women employees working in a garment factory. An experimental design was used in this study. 65 employees with a mean age of 30.1 years were divided into 2 groups, 36 in Pranic and 29 in control group. The quality of life scale was measured during pre-test and post-test for both the groups, Mass PH was applied for 20 minutes, weekly twice for a month for the pranic group. Also, Pranic group participant’s response was audio recorded after the last healing session to record their experiences. The pre- and post-test data were collected and analyzed using repeated measures ANOVA and Chi-square tests. The overall level of quality of life increased from the pre- to post for both control and pranic groups. However, the magnitude of change in the pranic group was significantly more compared to control group (p<.003). Majority of the pranic group employees expressed tingling sensations (77.8%) during pranic healing session and their experience was found to be significant (p<.001). The study demonstrated that PH was effective in enhancing the quality of life of working women employees.

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