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Forgiveness and the Guru

The sat Guru, just like everyone else, is still evolving and is not perfect. Some of us create a preconceived unrealistic idea of what a Teacher is and is not, and expects a Teacher to fit into this boxed ideas.

The facility of internet information and global travel has made it easy for spiritual seekers to access information and come in contact with spiritual teachers. Some may have found several gurus, while others continue to search for the one that suits their purposes.

In choosing a Teacher, Master Choa Kok Sui recommended the following points to be checked for discernment, by objectively scanning the level of the teacher’s energy – degree and quality:

  • Spiritual energy radiating from the teacher – quality and quantity
  • Sufficient spiritual energy
  • Size of spiritual cord – include functionality
  • Size of the crown chakra – include chakra’s spiritual functionality
  • Guidance from higher Beings
  • False pride
  • Self-delusion
  • Anger and hatred
  • Malicious intention

As spiritual students, we want to find a highly evolved soul to follow. Evolution is a process, which implies mistakes and time. A mark of a highly evolved soul is one who is a good person, who is trying to be a better person, a better soul, has the awareness and self-discipline to do this in all facets of his or her life.

Like everyone else, our highly evolved Teacher, Master Choa Kok Sui, revealed that he also got hurt and experienced pain, made mistakes, and repeatedly had to practice tolerance, patience, understanding, and forgiveness. Forgiveness is essential for spiritual development. It is the last of the seven basic steps in the profound teaching of MCKS Pranic Healing: Release and Cut. Regular practice of the Meditation on Twin Hearts activates the heart chakra and crown chakra. This meditation practice makes forgiveness easier because of the facility of the experience of oneness.

Master Choa Kok Sui, by example and teaching, taught us that in progressing in the spiritual path, you will be tested many times. An essential step to pass such tests is to learn your lesson, then to forgive and forget so you can move on and evolve into a better soul. Learn to evolve by following the Teacher’s exemplary life and his simple instructions.

Institute for Inner Studies, 15 August 2019



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