Celebrate Founder’s Day with us. Appreciate and value the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui as he discuss the importance of purification and meditation, the effect of love on healing, and the power of the Meditation on Twin Hearts.


Entering the Gate of Heaven

Ordinarily, our awareness is set on the physical and material things that the world offers, on our self-serving thoughts and emotions. We lose the ability to see that there is more beyond the visible material to our existence. When these physical and material things no longer provide fulfillment of our desires, we crave for more but we never seem to be fulfilled. Our lives turn into a living hell of suffering.

To heal ourselves of this suffering, we have to evolve or grow up from our present condition and learn detachment. Always in Master Choa Kok Sui’s teachings is the importance of purification — that without it and detachment, our consciousness cannot be raised from the quagmire it is in because the consciousness is entangled in the lower nature. The five virtues must be developed and mastered: loving-kindness and non-injury, generosity and non-stealing, accurate perception and correct expression, constancy of aim and effort and non-laziness, and moderation and non-excessiveness. Our old habitual focus on our lower nature has to be constantly retrained to go upwards to manifest these virtues to heal ourselves.

As students of Master Choa, we have been taught that true healing is not just an individual practice. It is a group practice. To make the healing power more lasting, the role of the higher beings has to be recognized. The more we recognize the role played by the higher beings, by the healing angels, healing ministers, the teachers, the more humble we become. The more humble we are, the more divine energy is able to flow through us, the more powerful the healing is.

Our Teacher also taught us that once we have developed our inner power through purifications or character building, the Meditation on Twin Hearts can be used to accelerate our spiritual development. This meditation is also a form of service to the planet Earth and all sentient beings. This service activates and develops the human heart and the divine heart. The regular practice of this meditation also develops intuitive intelligence and illumination — the development of the awareness of the Light, our true Self. When we become aware of the existence of our true Self, and through service, our connectedness within all is increased, and thus, strengthens our connection to the Supreme Being — allowing us to experience a heightened glimpse of oneness. From an abstract realization of this true nature and oneness, the process must be concretized and integrated by the individual in his thoughts, emotions, and actions. This manifestation of the inner divine nature to the outer nature is the experience of the state of heaven while still in the physical body, without having to die or to leave our physical body.