“Spirituality is a way of life. It is not just doing meditation.” Master Choa Kok Sui

The standards expected from a person on the spiritual path are much higher compared to an ordinary individual. There are numerous tests of patience, tolerance, flexibility and so on.

Some practitioners have a tendency to withdraw into quietness and meditation, but spirituality isn’t meant to be an excuse of escaping life. On the contrary, living a spiritual life means to live life much more intensely.

Remember, spirituality is intrinsically linked with growth and evolution. There are phases of discomfort that stir inner transformation, making the spiritual practitioner highly intelligent, loving and powerful.

Spirituality, therefore, is deeply connected to practicality. Here are three practical tips on how to live life more spiritually:

1. Give yourself time to think about your life purpose

Considering our busy schedules, we tend to become heavily involved in our everyday life. This happens at the cost of our subtle awareness, thus diverting us from the spiritual path. In order to stay on track, it’s important to allocate some time on a daily basis to sit alone and practice inner reflection.

It’s ideal if we can spend some time before bedtime in contemplation, and also right after waking up. Keeping our focus on our spiritual target for a short time every day is a good foundation for leading a spiritual life.

2. Put effort into strengthening your character

Character building is an ongoing process. A person with a greater degree of soul contact will naturally have a more refined character, whereas someone with a weak connection will be fraught with imbalances, swings and character flaws.

It’s important to remind ourselves that weaknesses exist in everyone and that we shouldn’t beat ourselves up over it. The key is to be aware of them and to consciously eradicate them. We can use Inner Reflection (mentioned above) to analyze our character and locate our weaknesses, and then form a Firm Resolution to improve.

Arhatic Yoga techniques such as the Blue Triangle and White Board can help us remove them in a faster, more effective manner. This will result in a stronger spiritual connection with strengthened character.

3. Be generous with your help

As Master Choa Kok Sui has emphasized, “the soul evolves by giving, not by accumulating.”

Helping others has the triple benefit of activating our Heart and Crown Chakras, which paves the way for more divine energy entering our system, and partially neutralizes some of our past negative karma.

The help can be in any form ranging from monetary assistance and healing, to teaching, nurturing, inspiring and even giving emotional support to those who need it. The key is to give with a generous heart and feel love while helping.

Remember, spirituality is not just about gaining enlightenment; it’s also about serving and helping others. With a focus on our life purpose, with a strengthened character and compassion towards others, we automatically start leading a more spiritual life.