Superbrain Yoga (SBY) is based on the principle of ear acupuncture and subtle energy movement in the body. SBY enhances the qualitative and quantitative pranic energy in the brain. The present study aims to improve the concentration, memory, and confidence of students by practicing SBY. The study consists of 1,945 school students from Mysore district, India. SBY was introduced to the students through the teachers for a period of 3 months. After three months, responses from the students were collected using a questionnaire centered on concentration, memory, and confidence facing examinations of students. Attributes harvested from the questionnaire were collected and analyzed with contingency coefficient and Chisquare tests. 86 % of the students reported that by practicing SBY has helped them to face examinations more confidently. Students also reported that their memory has improved by 75.9 % and concentration by 70.5 %. Thus, SBY has improved the overall performance of students in the school

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