The Aries Full Moon is the first of the 3 powerful Full Moons of the Year and presents one of the most intense periods to prepare ourselves for the tremendous downpour of spiritual energy. It is also known as the full moon of Easter and is connected with the soul’s evolution.

Full moons In general magnify the energy. It can be a time of crisis since it fertilizes the bad along with the good. However, it is an opportunity for people on the spiritual path to harness this additional energy and cleanse themselves.

Aries Full Moon is connected with Easter and has a deep connection with Lord Jesus. The Nativity is when His body was born. Subsequently, there was Baptism, which is also known as the descent of the Holy Spirit. This was followed by Transfiguration, where he went up to the mountain and transformed into brilliant light. Subsequently, there was Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension.

When seen from the perspective of the soul, the deeper esoteric meanings become clear. Nativity symbolizes the starting of the soul’s journey on the spiritual path. It undergoes purification through various trials and tests. These purifications are represented by Baptism. The soul makes steady progress on the spiritual path until a time comes when they have a profound realization. 

The realization that we are the soul – a being of pure light – is symbolized by Transfiguration. According to the teachings, Lord Jesus was with the apostles Peter, James, and John. They saw his clothes and his face all turning into brilliant light. The aspirant realizes with this description that this process happens in the physical world and in the inner worlds when the soul becomes very firm with its spiritual practice.

It happens when the spiritual practitioner can connect to the Higher Soul substantially. Clairvoyantly seen, the aspirant looks like brilliant light. Spiritually, the soul goes through Transfiguration. When the soul gets really serious about its spiritual practice, it desires to neutralize its karma. Crucifixion signifies that the spiritual practitioner is determined to get rid of the negative karma and evolve further. 

Each of these steps – Nativity, Baptism, Transfiguration and crucifixion – take a considerable amount of time, sometimes one incarnation or several incarnations. Through the practice of Arhatic Yoga, the process can be significantly accelerated.

During this time, as the rotation of the planet causes the Northern hemisphere to move towards Spring, it releases an abundance of spiritual energy. This energy can be utilized by aspirants to accelerate their spiritual progress by purifying themselves – to an extent symbolically going through the process of nativity, baptism and so on – to become better divine servants.