“You have to have the Will to do good. The Will to do good is good heart plus Willpower.” Master Choa Kok Sui

According to esoteric astrology, when a soul decides to begin its spiritual journey, it undergoes a change in its consciousness which makes it want to return to its spiritual source. This journey requires the soul to purify itself and overcome its lower nature and desires.

This journey develops the mind, thoughts and emotions, and the soul learns to overcome desires through various experiments and experiences. Not all of these experiences are pleasant, but they contribute towards the purification of the soul on its spiritual journey. Gradually, through undergoing a process of transformation, the soul begins to experience a greater degree of Oneness with humanity, and then progresses even further to start functioning as a divine soul.

This journey from the lower nature to the higher self and into the divine self is sometimes alluded to as the ability to transmute lead into gold. Lead here is a metaphor for lower desires and gold represents the purified soul.

Duality and Paradox

The astrological sign of Gemini is a symbolic representation of the interplay between dualities and paradoxes. According to Master Choa Kok Sui, understanding the Principle of Paradox is essential for understanding deep spiritual teachings.

The energy of Gemini causes the soul to experience pairs of opposites, or “forces in conflict”. Certain astrologers refer to the Twins of Gemini as “quarrelling brothers” for the simple reason that dual forces pour through this sign. The full moon of Gemini highlights and increases these energies.

For ordinary people without much spiritual interest, the energy of Gemini brings them to a stage where their dreams of life gradually change into a recognition of reality. Sometimes people have daydreams and fantasies about their life, only for them to be rudely jolted back to harsh reality. Both these opposing forces are part of the energy of Gemini. This duality is often unpleasant and undesired. In order to overcome the unpleasantness, people begin to dream of stability, permanence and peace.

Interestingly, this desire to have some permanence is what initiates a spiritual change in them. Spiritual aspirants, especially those who have an understanding of Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul, know that the Soul is permanent, and the physical body, emotions, thoughts and even the mind are temporary. The ordinary person begins their journey on the spiritual path in their very desire to desire permanence and stability – the permanence and stability of the Higher Soul.

Stepping on the spiritual path

As the soul takes its first steps on the spiritual path, the energy of Gemini causes them to experience a greater degree of spiritual Light. Gradually, the light of their ordinary personality becomes dim and the light of the soul becomes brighter. This is why, sometimes, people who meditate properly and are engaged in spiritual practices have a ‘glow’ about them. You may have experienced your family and friends commenting upon your glow after you’ve been practising the Meditation on Twin Hearts for some time.

This is where the key factors of Goodwill and the Will to Do Good become important.

In its present state, humanity as a whole is in a state of turmoil. This turmoil is one of the steps towards developing humanity’s awareness of its spiritual self. Particularly, the dual nature that exists within them – human and divine – wherein people’s good sides become prominent while others’ not-so-good behaviour also becomes evident. This dual nature existing within humanity is a Gemini effect.

During the full moon of Gemini, the disciples of the world undergo a test prior to taking a major step forward. In some cases, certain souls will not want the additional responsibilities of undergoing a transformative spiritual development. They will prefer to return to their comfort zones, but still wish to bless and do service.

Walking the Spiritual Path

Many other souls will be ready to take up the added responsibilities and rise to the occasion. Some esoteric authors call this the ‘clarion call of the soul’, or ‘the call of the Light’. These latter souls who respond to the Light demonstrate, through their actions, the virtues of loving-kindness, generosity, honesty, etc.

Studying the world conditions will prove this amply. While there is a great deal of suffering, there are equally great, if not greater, numbers of people with The Will to Do Good who are coming forward to help, heal and empower.

For those souls who have already been on the spiritual path for a while, the energy of Gemini opens up a new world of spiritual opportunity which leads to the fusion of these opposite energies. The Principle of Paradox becomes a way of life for them. For example, a soul who is quite loving towards others may develop so much focus towards their work, that they can begin to ignore the people around them. It’s not that they do not care, but simply that they care about the spiritual work more. Balancing these two competing traits of caring for all vis-à-vis having tremendous one-pointedness becomes their challenge as they progress spiritually.


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