The Pink Full Moon

“Pink Moon” is a name for the full Moon around the time of April, when the moss pink, or wild ground phlox, is in blossom. It is one of the brightest full moons of the year.

Master Choa Kok Sui, in his book on Advanced Pranic Healing, observed, “many positive emotions produce pink prana which is a type of emotional pranic energy. Pink prana has a cleansing effect on the chakras and on the meridians.”

It is, therefore, no coincidence that the Pink Moon is synonymous with the full moon of Aries. This particular full moon is the first of the 3 most powerful full moons of the year. It’s a momentous time of meditation and downpour of energies that initiate changes globally. This full moon is also known as the full moon of Easter and is connected with the evolution of the soul.

A tremendous amount of divine energy pours down into the earth during the full moon. This plentifully available energy has a tendency to magnify everything around, irrespective of good or bad. It often creates a time of crisis, since many incidents happen and emotions go up and down. For the seekers on the spiritual path, if they are aware, it brings opportunities to utilize this massive downpour for purifying themselves, cleanse their chakras and bless their family, loved ones, projects and the whole world.


The Full Moon of Easter and Its Connection with Lord Jesus

Lord Jesus’ life can be broadly noted into various events. The Nativity is when His body was born. The events in His life that followed thereafter were the Baptism, which is also known as the descent of the Holy Spirit. Then there was transfiguration, where he went up to the mountain and turned into brilliant light. Thereafter there was crucifixion, resurrection and ascension.

Seen under the lens of Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul, by MCKS, we observe that:

  • Nativity signifies the soul’s acceptance of its spiritual purpose. We are all born for a reason and have certain tasks to accomplish. When we accept our life purpose, it can be likened towards a spiritual rebirth wherein we accept the presence of the Divinity within us. It signifies a spiritual birth.
  • Baptism represents the purification of the soul. With the incarnated soul undergoing spiritual purification and cleansing of its bad habits and negative tendencies, the soul becomes readied to pursue spiritual practices.
  • Transfiguration is a stage where the spiritual aspirant comes to the understanding that they are the soul. They are a being of pure energy, of pure light. Lord Jesus, during his transfiguration was observed to be glowing with brilliant light. Spiritually, it signifies the incarnated soul having reached a great degree of connection with the higher soul and is more serious in his spiritual journey.
  • Crucifixion and Resurrection come about to work out karma. The soul, in its journey reaches a state where it wishes to pursue its spiritual growth without getting entangled in the everyday chaos of an ordinary life. That becomes possible only when the soul has worked out all of its earthly karma. The crucifixion symbolizes the working out of all the remained negative karma.
    As anyone on the spiritual path can personally attest, the working out of karma is not usually a very pleasant process. But if they face it, then it becomes simpler and their life grows beautiful subsequently. This subsequent renewal and rejuvenation of the seeker’s life is likened to resurrection.

Please note, however, that once the soul has undergone the process of crucifixion and resurrection, it means they are free from the cycle of birth and death. Such a soul can be called an Ascended Master. Such a soul need not reincarnate. However, they choose to come back to help out again and again because they feel compassion towards the sufferings of humanity and all the beings.

The pink moon serves as a reminder to all spiritual aspirants to cleanse their chakras and meridians and allow for the free flow of pranic energy. It asks them to remember to normalize their chakras, and therefore, enhancing their body’s ability to normalize itself. Master Choa Kok Sui advises Meditation on Twin Hearts during this time. He notes,

“1. The meditator experiences happiness, peace, loving kindness, and other positive emotions during and after meditation. This has cleansing and normalizing effects on the affected chakras and meridians.
2. Tremendous flow of divine energy or electric violet energy pours down during Meditation on Twin Hearts. This divine energy has cleansing, energizing, normalizing and regenerating effects.”

The assimilation of the divine healing energy can be enhanced by repeating the affirmation thrice after the meditation.

“My mind, emotions and body are being cleansed. They are assimilating the divine healing energy. My chakras, meridians, and every particle of my body are being cleansed, energized, and healed. I am being made whole. I am being healed. I willing and gratefully accept the divine healing energy with thanks and in full faith.”


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