Master Choa Kok Sui was once asked, “Why do your prayers always start with Thank You?”

Master said, when we start a prayer with Thank you, it means we have faith that it has already manifested. Therefore, saying thank you in the beginning makes the prayer tend to manifest faster.

What’s the connection between faith and the materialization of prayers?

It’s to do with Thought Forms.  Whenever we pray – whether written, spoken or just in the heart – we create thought Forms. These are the seeds which lead to results. They are real, and they affect us, people around us and what we experience in our lives.

The interesting thing about Thought Forms is that, like energies attract. There’s a saying, birds of a feather flock together. This basically means that people with similar energies and ideas will group together.

The Thought Forms that are created about us get attached to our aura and follow us wherever we go. They affect our thoughts, our feelings, our words and even our behaviours.

When Thought Forms of similar energies come together, they become stronger and more powerful. They have an effect on those in contact with them and those who respond to the vibrations they send out. In a positive sense, this is when people of goodwill get together and start making change.

Therefore, when we pray, we are effectively creating a Thought Form in the inner world, the energy world. If it’s strong enough, and is in the scope of reality, then it will materialize. Persons with bigger auras and clearer thoughts can create much stronger Thought Forms. Thoughts which are repeated often tend to get stronger.

However, no matter how strong the initial Thought Form is, if there’s doubt, it will weaken it. Effectively, the thought of doubt deflates the original strong thought. So the more faith, conviction and confidence we have when we create a Thought Form, the greater the chance of it manifesting.

Now, what is the connection of this to staring prayers with a “thank you”?

When we start our prayer with a Thank You, the prayer is more likely to be answered, because of the element of faith. We say thank you when we have already received something. When we say Thank You, it shows the faith and confidence in the prayer, it behaves as if it has already manifested and we are already grateful for it.

So always start your prayer with a “Thank You.”