My name is Filippo and I would love to share with You my precious experience with Pranic Healing, Arhatic Yoga and Arhatic Yoga Retreats..

Thanks to the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui I became a better person. I use to be very impractical, I had financial problems, I also was drug addicted …

I met Pranic Healing when I was very young, about 15 years old. While I was practicing break dance I injuried my knee. A Pranic Healer was in the room when it happened and he asked me if he could do some Healing on my knee. I Accepted and the pain was gone!
But I was too young… so I didn’t go further that time.

When Pranic Healing came around the second time in my life I said to myself “I will not lose another opportunity to see what this is about!”

So I went to Francesca Angrisano’s center in Rome, Accademia Pranic Healing… it was a particular time in my life.. after the Twin Hearts Meditation I cried a lot. My heart was looking for a way to help Mother Earth and that was perfect. I said to Francesca “This is what I want to do! Can I do Pranic Healing?”
She said “Fantastic! Sure you can, just stop taking drugs!”

So I stopped.

I felt that Pranic Healing is something important to my life and, just that, gaved me the strength to stop taking drugs.

I started taking Master Choa’s Courses, I fell in Love with the Teacher and the Teachings, and also with my Classmates, and then with all the Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga Family..

Thanks to the Yoga System that Master Choa has developed I was able to improve myself more deeply. I was able to reduce heavy emotions and to feed my skills.

Thanks to Master Choa Kok Sui I am able to improve myself and to help others.

I Like to attend Arhatic Yoga Retreats because meeting people who knew Him when He was in his Physical Body, seeing Master Choa’s videos and meditating together with lots of Souls from my Spiritual Family make me feel closer to the Teacher and to his Teachings.

I like retreats because I can feel the Love of the Teacher in each participant.

I AM grateful for Master Choa Kok Sui and His Work EVERYDAY of my Life.

I feel like I have everything I need, like I have the Best Car to enjoy the Road of Life. I AM always happy to share the ride with those who want to jump in and I AM always happy to bring them to Master Choa’s school of “driving” 🙂 so they can learn to do it by themself.”