Christmas,The Season of Love and Happiness
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Christmas,The Season of Love and Happiness

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Note that the streaming  link of the video will be available on the
20th  of December 2018 – 0800 (GMT+8) until the 2nd of January 2019– 1700 (GMT+8).


Christmas is the season when we recall the gift of unconditional love from a great soul.  In the silence of a cold winter night, a child was born in a stable. The humble environment belied the far-reaching effects of the love and profound joy his arrival brought to his family,  to people who prayed and anticipated his coming, and to those who were ready to welcome him in their lives.  These effects continue until over two thousand years thereafter.

The innocence, gentleness and receptivity to love of a child is demonstrated by Christmas, which holds untold power to overcome the darkness and vast emptiness. No hurts —  real or unreal, unintentionally or intentionally inflicted — can stand in the way.  Use the will to do good and  forgiveness to unleash the loving radiance of this Light.   Like the star of Bethlehem, this light keeps us connected, guides the awareness to the presence and power of unconditional Love  —  in ourselves, family,  friends, and all beings.

During this season and throughout the year, let child-like simplicity, humility, love, forgiveness, and joy grow in our hearts.  Let these energies continuously feed our Light on top of our tree of life.

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  5. If you are unable to stream the video using the Global Pranic Healing website, please use this link instead: