Full Moon of Cancer
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Full Moon of Cancer

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  • Please take note that video streaming will be available on the 24th of June 2021 9:00 PM (GMT+8) until 29th of June 2021 11:00PM (GMT+8)
  • Once you encounter an error or cannot log in, please send us an e-mail to iis_lc@globalpranichealing.com

Continuing our learning journey for this Full Moon of Cancer, with the theme “Group Work: A Practice for Inner Development,” Master Choa Kok Sui heightens the efficacy and efficiency of group work in manifesting and achieving goals and targets.

Functioning as a group to maximize all our potentials, our spiritual Teacher emphasizes that friction or conflict within our groups is part of the process and is inevitable. To expect constant harmony without conflict or friction, within our groups, is unrealistic. And, as members, we must find ways to convert and use this friction or conflict to achieve greater harmony and to direct our groups to their sole purpose.

By the same reason, Master Choa reminds all of us that limitations exist within us, individually, and not on the availability of resources or its lack thereof. Thus, functioning through group work makes it an opportune practice ground for our inner development. Without self-purification, there would be no progress. And every weakness left untouched, limits our potential. Thus, the mastery and balance of all the five virtues are of great value and importance.

So, on the 24th of June 2021 (9:00 PM | GMT+8) head over to globalpranichealing.com for the release and link of the special video presentation. And, together, let us learn and explore the potency and power of group work.