Superbrain Yoga is a simple squatting technique that uses subtle energy to improve cognitive functioning of individuals. The present study aims to find the effectiveness of superbrain yoga on short-term memory and selective attention of students. Pre test-post test design was used in the study. The study was conducted on 91 students from a residential school in Mysore district with a mean age of 11.9 years. The Knox cube test was used to evaluate the short-term memory, and digit cancellation test was administered to assess the selective attention of students. Pre-scores and post-scores were recorded, and energy enhancement was measured before and after Superbrain Yoga practice. Scores were analysed using repeated measure ANOVA and chi-square test. A mean gain of 1.18 in score with significance (F = 1.884, p < .001) in short-term memory and a mean gain of 3.31 with significance (F = 4.426, p < .001) in selective attention after one month of Superbrain Yoga was observed. In between pre- and post-session an increase of, 34.27 % in left hemisphere and 28.71 % in right hemisphere was measured in pranic energy levels. Superbrain Yoga has been found to be effective in improving short term memory and selective attention among students.

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