Objectives: Fourteen year-old boy was diagnosed with visual impairment in his right eye since birth. Other symptoms included blurred vision, dry eyes, and headache. Pranic Healing (PH) as a complementary therapy to heal eye ailments was applied on the subject..PH is an ancient science and art of healing people. It is considered as a natural, drugless, non-touch complimentary technique using prana to treat illness.
Methods: Fifty PH sessions of 20 minutes each was applied on the subject.
Results: On completion of 50 PH sessions, it was found that his unaided visual acuity improved in both eyes with the right eye showing significant improvement. The dryness in the eye, eye pain and headache were healed.
Conclusions:Observing his visual improvement, he was advised to be transferred to the conventional school. PH as adjuvant therapy can assist for patients with visual impairment. Further studies are warranted to study the impact of PH on larger  populations of visually impaired subjects
Key words: Prana, Pranic healing, Blurred Vision, Visual Acuity, Complementary therapy

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