Prana is a subtle energy utilised by plants, animals and humans and has not been adequately studied in the recent past. The present study was conducted to record the observations on viewing of air and ground pranic energy by adolescents and subsequent impacts on their psychological and bioplasmic domain. Exploratory research design was used. Four hundred and thirteen adolescents participated in the study and were guided to view prana. An open-ended questionnaire was used to record their experiences, which were then categorised into psychological and bioplasmic domain. The results were tabulated and analyzed using contingency coefficient analysis. While viewing air prana 66.8 % of them witnessed it as small globules, 35.6 % saw something moving fast, 51.3 % felt relaxed and good after viewing air prana. While viewing ground prana, 15 % of the participants witnessed it as lines and 12.3 % saw it as waves emerging from ground. The study indicates that adolescents’ perceptions of air and ground prana are different. The above study showed that viewing air and ground prana can bring positive change in well being of the adolescents.  

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