Background: Prana is the essential energy which keeps the body alive and in healthy conditions. Kirlian photography provides information regarding prana or subtle energy field. A common man cannot view this subtle energy body without proper training. 

Aim: The present study seeks to understand the impact of viewing air prana along with the aura surrounding a tree on one’s psychological wellbeing. 

Setting and design: Exploratory research design was used. 178 participants with a mean age of 26.8 years were taken for the study. 

Method: Open-ended questionnaire were provided to participants to record their experience before and after guiding to view the air prana along with the aura surrounding a tree as conceptualized by Master Choa Kok Sui. 

Statistical analysis: The results were analysed using Contingency Coefficient analysis and Chi Square tests Results: 98% and 87% of the participants viewed air prana and tree aura respectively. After seeing the air prana and aura of the tree, 23% and 37% of the participants felt relaxed. Also, 78% of them felt happy, while 22% of them reported to be energised. Conclusions: There was a significant change in the positive emotions of the participants after viewing the air prana and tree aura .

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