Mahasamadhi 2020
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Mahasamadhi 2020

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Note that the streaming  link of the video will be available on the
19th  of  March 2020 – 08:00H (GMT+8) until the 24th of March 2020 – 1700 (GMT+8).

Remembering is Important

This month is the anniversary of when my spiritual Teacher left his physical body permanently. For a time, I felt that my spiritual life ended too, together with his passing. But I still had my body, and loss taught me how to slowly stand up on my own—to face each day with rays of hope through the vast legacy my Teacher gave me as a guide in finding my way back to joy and the infinite Light.

Although sadness can still engulf me sometimes, particularly when I realize that my beacon of Light and steadfast guiding hand is no longer physically present, the spiritual teachings help me face each day with hope, of becoming more worthy as a student, so that in another lifetime, my soul can have sufficient good karma to find and learn from the sat Guru again—better and more attentive as everin all levels.

The Teacher once said that understanding is different from remembering.

The priceless wisdom radiated and shared by my Teacher during those precious times, albeit too brief, will continue to live within my memories permanently, activated whenever I remember and practice. These memories feed my hope and give comfort—that even while physically on my own, in practicing what has been taught, in using them in learning to grow up as a soul, I am surely and safely moving towards the right direction.

He really never left. It is I who forgot that a spiritual Teacher, is the soul who does not die, remains with us every time the spiritual teachings are remembered and practiced. He left his energy in his words. I read to listen to his voice, his energy in the books that he wrote for me to help me remember exactly what and how he taught. The energy remains alive as I continue to follow the Teacher, as I integrate the learnings in the different levels of being, and as I continue to serve others, the planet Earth, and God— as have been done by my Teacher.

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