Prayers for Pandemic & Oneness
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Prayers for Pandemic & Oneness

Prayer for Covid Pandemic

In the Spirit of Divine Oneness, Let us visualize a tremendous
down-pour of divine Energy passing through us as we all Pray,
with deep Faith and Trust in God.
Let’s raise our hands in a blessing position.

To the Supreme God, Thank you for your DIVINE HEALING LOVE
to alleviate the pains and sufferings of all Covid patients and all who are
suffering from depression and Spiritual Emptiness.

May all Medical doctors, Medical procedures, apparatuses, medicines
and all hospitals, homes, families and all MCKS Pranic Healers be blessed
with compassionate purifying light and soothing Healing Energy to
transform the deadening effect of fear to strengthening power of
Faith and explosion of depression to SOUL EVOLUTION.

May ANGEL of COMPASSION transform Covid pandemic to
with thanks and in full faith, so be it.

May GOD’S GUIDING LIGHT embrace all Lovingly and patiently
serving Front Liners: Medical Health Workers, Care Givers,
Security Police Force and MCKS ~ Pranic Healers to radiate God’s
Compassionate purifying light to all the sick, Co Workers and families
and be all shielded with God’s Divine radiance to be freed from any harm
and danger as they risk their lives to save lives and uplift Souls.

May God’s Angel of Protection guides Humanity’s clear direction
with proper action to transform Suffering to an Offering for
with thanks and in full faith, so be it.

May GOD’S TRANSFORMATIVE POWER enlighten and inspire
Wholesome Scientists and drug manufacturers worldwide, to build
Spiritualized Medical Drug Laboratories to manufacture Medicines and
Vaccines with 100 % efficacy and safety to be carried and distributed by
licensed Medical Drug Companies with goodwill to do good and goodwill to
serve complemented by MCKS Pranic Healing Spiritual Technology to
complete the transmutation and eradication of Covid pandemic with finality.

May God’s Divine intervention inspires Humanity’s Inner transformation
from severe materialism to Spiritualized materialism to rise to a NEW NORMAL
where WHOLENESS & INTEGRITY be our Living Light,
with thanks and in full faith, so be it.

Blessing for Oneness

Let us all raise our hands in a blessing position to the Supreme God.
Thank you for blessing the Institute for Inner Studies,
the World Pranic Healing Foundation
with God’s compassionate purifying Light Embrace Master Choa Kok Sui’s
Pranic Healing Global network with God’s healing love and strength
and the spirit of oneness with God’s healing power to rise above
to break boundaries and co-create only oneness
to bring to the world the real essence and wonders of Master Choa’s
spiritual teachings with thanks in in full faith, so be it.

May God bless Master Choa Kok Sui’s Pranic Healing Global family
and charitable foundations from all continents,
Asia, Africa, North America, Central America, South America, Oceania and Europe
to serve as humble channels of God’s miracles
in managing world crisis through Master Choa Kok Sui’s Spiritual technology
and charitable works to alleviate the pains and sufferings of humanity
and accelerate the Pranic Healing movement in all nations.
With thanks and in full faith, so be it.

May God bless the Angelic realm and all nature spirits.
With Divine Healing Light Healing love and power
to work with humanity to restore God’s beautiful creation
through good shepherding in the light of
Pro God, Pro Life, Pro Humanity and Pro Environment.
To translate our faith in motion and love in action.
To concretize global healings and world’s transformation,
with thanks and in full faith. So be it.

May God bless Master Choa Sui’s 2020 clear vision
that Pranic Healing is a SPIRITUAL WAY OF LIFE
and Arhatic Yoga is a way of SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP
to strengthen Master Choa’ teachings, his spiritual magnetism
to attract spiritually mature souls to ensure
the perpetuation of Master Choa Kok Sui’s legacy
and help in the realization of our beloved teacher’s Great Vision – Heaven on Earth,
with thanks in in full faith, so be it.